Saturday, November 27, 2010

Foreskin Stretching Exercise

Came across this stretching exercise from
Hopefully , it solve your problem. Always treat circumcision as the last resort.


The basic principle is to apply pressure to the frenar band, much as one would do to stretch an elastic band. I'll detail two exercises for phimosis, and one for frenulum breve. If you spend 5 minutes twice a day on stretching, that should be adequate. Once it's sorted, carry on for another 4 weeks afterwards to ensure it stays permanent.
The advantage of stretching is that you don't need to show your tackle to any medical professionals, and you can start doing it right now; okay, not right now if you're in an internet café or at work....

Phimosis Exercise 1

This is appropriate if you cannot get two fingers into the foreskin at the end. If you can get two fingers in, skip to exercise 2 - it's more efficient.
i) Attempt to retract the foreskin until there is some discomfort - as much as you can tolerate without being in agony.
ii) Hold for 30 seconds, then pull forwards again.
iii) Relax
Repeat this for 5 minutes. It can help to do it in the bath - the heat helps loosen things up a bit.

Phimosis Exercise 2

This assumes you can get two fingers in - if not, follow the previous exercise.
i) Insert your two index fingers into the opening of the foreskin and feel around for the phimotic ring. If you can't find it, try and retract and see which bit snags on the glans - that's the bit you want.
ii) Pull your fingers in opposing directions. Again, discomfort is okay, but not agony.
iii) Hold for 30 seconds, then pull forwards again.
As above, repeat for 5 minutes, and doing it in the bath can help.

Frenulum Stretching

The frenulum is a slippery little blighter, but it can be stretched. If you have tore your frenulum through sexual activity, let it heal before following these instructions (also, consider using a lubricant to reduce the tugging on it during sex).
i) Locate the phimotic ring (as in phimosis exercise 2)
ii) Grip the end of the frenulum which joins onto the phimotic ring between your thumb and forefinger
iii) Pull away from the body (away from the glans) until taut, and a mite uncomfortable.
iv) Hold for 30 seconds, then let go
You might need to hook your thumb around to stop the frenulum slipping away. Again, doing it in the bath can help.

Solve it!
Cure it!

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